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ESL Benelux Championship Season 15 Finals: From local talents to global heroes

The ESL Benelux Championship Season 15, one of the biggest CS:GO competitive events in the Benelux region, is being held by ESL Benelux and has been going on throughout the last 2 months. 

This season, while the number of teams participating in the Open Qualifiers almost tripled, the level of competition has also increased as a result. 48 teams of the best CS:GO players in all over Benelux registered for the Open Qualifiers, they and the top 4 teams from Season 14 of the ESL Benelux championship share the same universal goal, that is to earn their part of the 10.000 prize pool and qualify for the ESL Pro League EU Regional Qualifier, or as we like to call it, the gate to the big world. 

The finals of the ESL Benelux Championship Season 15 are taking place on June 4, 2023. The battle is between 4 of the best teams in the Benelux, that is KRC Genk, EC Brugge, Tutel and MasterMix123. While 3 of these teams remain in the top 4 since last season, MasterMix123 is a team of novel conquerors that can always upset any opponent. 

As your fellow Counter-Strike fans, we completely understand your desire to enjoy electrifying matches, jaw-dropping clutches or the intense feeling of strategies and tactics. These are exactly the performances that will be delivered by the best and only the best players all over the Benelux. Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, an esports fan or just a CS:GO fan in general, be sure to check out our social media so as not to miss out on this action-packed showdown!

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